Ride or Die

The phrase “Ride or Die Bitches” gets thrown around a lot these days.  My problem with the phrase is the utter lack of understanding of what it truly means.  For some, it is a simple sentiment to use for your close friends and acquaintances, the people in your life that you couldn’t see yourself living without, but could survive if you had to.  It means you would do anything, be anything, and be unwavering to those people, as long as the situation was convenient for you and not too much trouble. It’s casualness is similar to how you would describe a “beautiful” day or a “nice” car.  There is no actual meaning.

When I first started my job working in the mortgage industry, I never thought that I would find my friend soul mates.  I mean honestly, it’s a tough job, one fraught with stress, sleepless nights, rude customers and quotas. You feel very much alone in the job, because all of the responsibility lies on your shoulders. I started to develop close relationships with some of my fellow loan officers, and we would spend lunch hours commiserating about our shitty jobs, our rude customers, the long hours, etc.  Yet those friendships started to form into more than friendly work chatter.  We soon began taking lunch together on a routine basis, texting each other even on the weekends, and sharing with each other life’s triumphs and heartaches.  These girls became a part of my family.  We formed a trust, and a team.

Throughout the past year, each one of us has experienced heartache and joy.  We watched Jodi celebrate her pregnancy with her second daughter, a daughter named Hazel who would become the final piece of the puzzle in our crazy group.  We wept with Johnna as she lost her cousin in a tragic accident, and rejoiced when she found her love, Anthony.  We cried again (this time in happiness) when we watched Beth walk down the aisle to marry her soulmate, and celebrated when she closed on her new house.  They wept and held each other without me when I was in the hospital, worried sick that they were losing their friend.  We have experienced more life experiences than most, and we’ve done it without ever leaving each other’s sides.

Today, we are closer together than ever before.  We struggle right along with Jodi as she raises her girls and gets prepared to move into a new house.  We scheme how we are going to unpack her house in three days (HA!) and have a blast doing it. We anxiously await the next big moment in our joined lives, whether it be good or bad.  Hopefully good, we have all been through enough.

But that’s life.  We will once again have to weather a storm that we weren’t prepared for…and I take great comfort in the fact that we won’t let it beat us.  We’ll get through just fine.  We always do.  “Ride or Die” has so much more meaning to us now.  We couldn’t imagine life without each other.  And although we have our own friends, our own lives, our own experiences without the group…we always seem to lean on each other and anxiously await the next time we can all be together.

To Jodi, Johnna and Bethany…thank you for being my sisters.





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